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PointsBetting is the most exciting way to bet on sports.

PointsBetting is a type of wager that you can only find at PointsBet. It’s a customizable wagering system where you can go for higher levels of risk and reward on every bet. The oddsmakers give a PointsBetting line, and the player bets on by how many points a team or player will exceed that number or perform under it. Say the PointsBetting line on Sixers vs Lakers is PHI +13, and you take the Lakers to cover. Now, say the Lakers win the game by 20. They have exceeded the PointsBetting line by 7 points, and your payout on the winning bet will be your wager amount x 7. So, if you bet $10, you would win 70.

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On the other hand, if the Lakers only win the game by 3 points, it means that they have come up 10 points short of the -13 PointsBetting spread. If your bet amount was $10, you just lost $100. That’s why PointsBetting is the most exciting way to bet. The wins can be much bigger than a normal bet, but so can the losses. Fortunately, PB allows players to set limits on their max win/loss threshold.

PGA Pointsbetting 101 (starring Patrick Reed)

Who’s a better leading man for this example than Captain American himself, Patrick Reed? The PointsBetting line on his finishing position at the 2019 Arnold Palmer is set at UNDER 31st place or OVER 34th place. This is a bet on where Reed will finish in the tournament.

So, if you take UNDER 31on Reed, you will win 30x your bet amount if he finishes in 1st place. If Reed finishes in 20th place, you would win 11x times your bet amount. However, if you took UNDER and Reed finishes worst than 31st at the API, your loss will be multiplied too. If he finishes in 50th place for example, your loss will be your bet amount multiplied by 19 (50 minus 31)


If you take OVER 34th place PointsBetting spread on Patrick Reed, you are betting that he will worse than 34th place at the Arnold Palmer Inv. Your win will equal your bet amount x the number by which Reed’s finishing position exceeds 34. But if Reed performs better than 34th, your loss will equal your bet amount multiplied by the sum of 34 minus Reeds finishing position. If he finishes 15th and you took OVER 34, you lose 19 times your bet amount.

PGA PointsBetting F.A.Q

What does FP mean in golf pointsbetting?

An FP (finishing position) golf pointsbetting bet is a wager on where a golfer will finish at the end of the tournament. For example, a bet on a Golfer at UNDER 35 will win you 34x your stake if they finish in 1st Place . If a player does not make the ‘cut’, market will be resulted at the position they were in once the ‘cut’ was made. Finishing above 35th place will result in an equally multiplied loss.

What is an LB golf pointsbetting bet?

An LB (Leaderboard) pointsbetting bet is a prediction on how well a player will perform in the tournament. The points are awarded as follows. 1st = 60 points, 2nd = 40 points, 3rd = 30 points, 4th = 25 points, 5th = 20 points, 6th = 15 points, 7th = 10 points, 8th = 5 points, All others = 0 pts. The max win/loss is capped at 60 times your stake. ** In the event of a withdrawal the player must complete one hole for bets to stand.

What is a WTW pointsbetting golf bet?

WTW means Wire-to-Wire in golf pointsbetting. This is a prediction on how well a player will perform at the end of each round. Points are cumulative for whole tournament. For example, if a player leads from start to finish the make-up would be (20+40+60+100)= 220pts. The points are awarded as follows: 1st Rd: 1st=20, 2nd=10, 3rd=5; 2nd Rd: 1st=40, 2nd=20, 3rd=10, 4th=5; 3rd Rd: 1st=60, 2nd=40, 3rd=20, 4th=10, 5th=5; 4th Rd: Winner=100, 2nd=60, 3rd=40, 4th=20, 5th= 10, 6th=5. The maximum win/loss is capped at 220 times your stake.

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