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Dan Martinson from PIKKL joins the pod to discuss the current state of paddle technology. Dan’s material science background and passion for pickleball have led him to become a paddle expert. His new approach to maintaining paddle integrity could have a big impact on how players use and replace paddles.

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0:00 A gift for Zane

3:42 The Dink Minor Leagues and major league valuations

9:45 Lea’s revenge tour

12:14 Is Donald Young for real?

15:01 The rise of Fed and Tina Pisnik

18:59 M/W doubles recap

21:33 Dan joins the pod

24:01 Understanding the rules

28:38 Weight sidebar

32:26 Favoring a drive/drop hybrid

36:26 Paddle brand sources and protecting IP

40:29 Who is innovating in the paddle space

44:40 Generating more RPMs

51:04 Will paddle manufacturers set a standard?

53:14 Diving deep on grit details

56:08 Not in the final state of innovation

59:56 Carbon fiber could become obsolete

1:05:16 Customization options

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