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Augie Ge’s unique entry into pickleball had an unfortunate beginning but became a blessing in disguise. After losing his biostatistics job, Ge went all-in and pro pickleball.

His own brand of obscure drills and tennis/ping pong background have led him to a PPA Silver Medal, MLP Premier Level, and an Arizona Pickleball League title.

Ready to wield something as bold as your backhand? Swing by Warstic’s collection and let your paddle do the talking.

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0:00 Introducing Augie Ge

4:24 Augie’s blessing in disguise

9:18 Early pro days and Zane’s wedding

13:10 The social bump after good results and salary talk

17:55 Credit to HeyShay

21:47 AZ Pickleball League influence

25:41 The Silver Medal run with Jaume in NC

27:51 Power ranking the lefties and

30:56 Unorthodox training methods and unique wall drills

34:04 Do you train grip changes?

38:11 Table tennis crossover and extra emphasis on the volleys

41:46 Augie’s win over Zane

46:14 MLP Forecast for the DPC

49:20 Augie’s college tennis experience and April schedule

54:10 ALW’s dominance and 100th title

1:00:02 Do you watch when not playing?

1:01:40 Voicemails

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