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Jimmy Miller from the King of the Court podcast joins the pod to break down the merger aftermath. The MLP season can finally get underway but there are still a few loose ends to tie up.

A couple players have opted out of salary reductions or have been bought out of their contracts. That means we could see some top talent choosing not to compete in PPA or MLP events this year.

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0:00 Intro

4:14 How Jimmy got on the inside

7:24 What’s the goal for Jimmy?

9:26 Vulcan Ball changes incoming

14:28 Feeding balls to Susan and wearing a Rolex

17:12 Background on the Tour Wars

24:05 Players offered and accepted buy-outs

29:23 Clinics threatened for those that don’t take cuts

35:15 How would ProXR feel about Riley not playing tournaments?

39:45 Johnson 5 in no man’s land

42:55 MLP Draft planned for North Carolina – First event Miami?

49:26 Life as a GM

52:10 The Premier/Challenger split

55:48 Should every team be in the Premier Level?

1:05:50 Pros coming after Jimmy

1:19:15 The Gamemaker and new pickle sports

1:24:02 Jimmy needs a new scandal

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