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The progression draw has been met with some pushback. Some pros aren’t fans of being pushed aside to make room for tennis superstars.

The new carry rule has players everywhere arguing and pulling out their rulebooks. Zane lays out his bold predictions including another new serve rule.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

4:19 Explaining the progression draw

9:03 Optics of unearned byes

15:53 Mama Waters is back

19:34 The race for points and paddles

25:33 The paddle responsible for the most W’s

29:50 Scouting the up and comers

35:01 Zane’s 2024 predictions

39:47 New Vulcan ball feels heavy

42:49 No gold for new pro tennis players

46:04 The Dink Awards voting

55:15 Rule change against carry

59:40 Correct server and receiver rule change and improved replays

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