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Break out your calculator and loafers because we’re talking pickleball finance. Companies are trying to break into the ball game, players are upping their media output and pickleball is taking over malls.

We’re back from a two week hiatus to cover everything happening in the world of pickleball.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Cussin’ for a Cause

4:07 Meme of the week

9:08 Ranking Twitter personalities

18:27 Brands expanding into the ball game

23:37 PickleMall is a thing and it’s backed by Steve Kuhn

30:07 A strong Atlanta Open for the Mumbai Monster

33:30 The Jack Sock experiment: Good or Bad for the Sport

42:32 Pros can extend their reach with video

53:35 MLPalooza and a new team name for Zane

1:01:04 It’s all padel and pasta in Italy

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