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There is a new deadline on the PPA/MLP merger but there still seems to be no clear path to the finish line. “Big Pickleball” has started throwing its weight around and it’s got some players on the defensive.

Thomas sums up the game’s current juxtaposition in a pickleball version of The Night Before Christmas that you don’t want to miss.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Record-setting week for Stop Alzheimer’s Now 

3:30 Zane’s Christmas gift

8:01 Let’s get your take on “Big Pickle”

11:00 “Every reason to fear Big Pickle”

16:35 Other targets in the crosshairs

17:58 Zane wins the caption contest, garbage is garbage

26:42 CNBC article addresses the Player Collective 

30:57 Inequitable salaries and players that need to step up

36:23 85% of Premier players signed “patently false” and a new deadline

44:49 Dutch Auction and $15 million raise = extended runway

50:09 APP chuggin’ along with high school, colleges and international game

55:41 Pro pickleballers stranded on an island

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