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The big man, Dekel Bar, steps into the PicklePod studio to get some things off his chest. Dekel is not a fan of the new serve rule and thinks it detracts from viewer friendly pickleball.

Zane and Dekel had an epic semifinal matchup and the Desert Ridge Open. We break down the hostile attacks and game-changing clips that made the match unforgettable.

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Show Notes

0:00 Dekel is in the house

3:00 Stats from ‘The Match’

13:00 Are bodybags and acceptable strategy?

22:58 Going to see more drives

24:46 Vulcan ball ‘out of round’

28:09 Dekel’s thoughts on the new serve rule

33:30 You must challenge the toss before the third shot

39ish 40% of serve returns missed in tennis and ball conspiracy

44ish Neutralize a big serve

47:22 Results from the Desert Ridge Open

51:20 How were the crowds in Arizona?

53:30 ATP’s crush on SportsCenter

55:45 Liquidity tweet possibly cut

58:35 Escape room and the switch to Joola

1:01:00 Dekel’s Pickleball 360

1:04:33 More voicemails

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