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Zane and Thomas caught wind of three players who won’t be in the mix for MLP Atlanta. Some of them might sit at home in bubble wrap until the ball drops on New Year’s to protect their new contracts. The guys preview the highly anticipated event and share their predictions for who will hoist the cup. 

Thomas recaps the first-ever Bounce Nashville Tournament sponsored by the Tenessee Titans and issues a correction towards USA Pickleball.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Zane toes the line

5:46 Okay let’s start the podcast – MLP sit-outs

10:56 Fans of PicklePod out in the streets – Bounce event in Nashville

15:00 Agents of Change take on the MLP Freeze

19:19 Tyson and Tyler meet again at MLP

24:50 Pablo is inadvertently the bad boy of pickleball

25:50 Who gets first dibs act Jack Sock in 2024?

29:27 USA Pickleball and 99% of players

39:20 Viewers weigh in on Tyson and Tyler

41:38 MLP Atlanta Preview – Zane’s X factor

48:05 Group B is loaded

51:30 Group C predictions

54:40 SAN Questions

58:58 Best parent/child pro duos in pickleball

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