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Zane recaps his big weekend at the Austin Open and how the conditions were right for a Johns upset. Pickleball United CEO Pranav Kohli stops by to explain the Pickleball World Series. The new international tour is set to kick off in 2025 and offers some of the largest prize pools in pickleball history.

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0:00 Zane’s big weekend at the Rain Delay Open

5:20 Outlining the winning strategy

9:57 Upcoming pros vs 5.0s and a match vs the Klitchs

16:31 Collin’s scoop in game 2, carry or not

19:27 Play to your strengths with a new partner

24:30 Andrei’s hot streak and Christian’s ceiling

28:35 The curse of the PicklePod

32:34 MLP events overlap some APP events

34:27 Is the gap closing on Ben Johns?

37:14 Iggy on the hot seat and is Andrei #2

40:27 Is the APP vs PPA gap overstated? & Newman vs Wright

42:52 Proton paddles pushing the limits

48:10 Thomas’ rocketship paddle is on the way

51:04 New Vulcan balls in Austin

53:31 Listener questions

56:48 Secret patterns that the pros talk about

59:53 Introducing Pickleball World Series

1:04:45 What makes the World Series different

1:11:57 How is the Times Group involved?

1:15:50 Finals at MSG or the Sphere

1:19:38 What are you working on now?

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