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Jaume Martinez Vich is the guest on an all-new episode of the PicklePod. From humble origins in Spain, Jaume has gone from Rafa Nadal’s hitting partner to a DII Tennis National Champion and is now a top 10 pro pickleball player.

Learn more about Jaume’s risky bet on himself to make it as a pickleball pro. He shares the details of how he fought for a performance-based contract and exceeded expectations.

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Show Notes

0:00 Geography pop quiz

3:30 The Road Warrior life

5:41 How did you get good in Hawaii?

8:53 The doubles game is already there

14:02 Improve while playing against weaker players

15:51 Jaume’s revenue streams and support system

19:00 How Jaume funded a pro career and bet on himself

24:35 Initial offers vs Jaume performance-based plan

31:43 Mainland home would be the next step

33:28 Jaume’s experience with an agent

37:09 The weight of social media on brand deals

46:11 Hitting partner with Rafa Nadal and Jaume’s family

50:46 Hayden crashes the party

53:31 The Top 5 Players you don’t want to see in a draw

58:30 Rank these three at the cat and mouse game

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