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Thomas is away and Zane is hosting a party. Jason Bock and Carlos Di Laura join Zane in-studio to cover a disappointing loss at MLP San Clemente, action from the PPA Finals and all things Austin pickleball.

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Show Notes

0:00 Stop Alzheimer’s Now big give

5:50 Introducing Jason and Carlos

10:54 PPA Finals coverage

16:04 Collin Johns’ thoughts on sportsmanship

19:50 Magnified version of personality on court

26:49 Favorite chirp and net cord philosophy

30:29 MLP San Clemente not a Superfinal

36:17 Genie Erokhina’s teardrop

40:24 Sportsmanship award and bad line calls

46:24 Neil’s replay at APP Chicago

52:37 The Dutch Auction for MLP 2024

1:02:46 What’s the right formula for pro play?

1:04:56 The world’s slowest Nasty Nelson

1:07:43 Stats vs Coaching

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