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What will it take to beat the most dominant men’s team in the game? Zane Navratil thinks he has the answer. The guys go over the stand-out performances from San Clemente including the rise of Hurricane Tyra Black.

Equity and royalties are now being structured into paddle deals. How big should the pros’ slice be in the pickleball pie? Send in your listener questions to support Stop Alzheimer’s Now.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Intro 

5:14 No memes of the week

9:05 The future of MLP

16:25 PPA San Clemente Recap Hurricane Season

23:11 How to beat the Johns bros

31:38 Mr Beast jumps in the chat & the pickleball brackets struggle

34:50 Issues with seeding

42:05 Tournament grind doesn’t end

50:40 Equity and open play etiquette

59:35 MLP New Rules – PicklePod Agents of Change

1:07:37 Rowdiness expected to make a comeback in San Clemente

1:09:40 A new Lea Jansen fueled by the haters

1:15:50 Tesi’s for the boys 

1:18:59 Listner questions for Stop Alzheimer’s Now

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