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Pickleball is a niche sport throughout the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s not popular. Pickleball has been taking off, and now, numerous media outlets cover the sport. PicklePod is one of the best podcasts covering the sport. The crew of Thomas Shields and Tyson Apostol are growing in popularity.

The group just named FitAid the official recovery drink of PicklePod has become the voice of pickleball, and the FitAid partnership is continuing to boost the site’s respect in the industry. The Dink Pickleball and The Props Network produce the PicklePod.

Even better, this likely won’t be the last massive brand deal for the Shields and Apostol. The two have connected with their audience through a variety of content means. Every week, they update listeners on the world of pickleball and offer unfiltered insights and hot takes for the sport.

The two are regulars at some of the world’s biggest events. As such, they’ve earned a lot of respect amongst the most passionate pickleball players. They rotate topics every week and will have a range of guests around the sport.

For your pickleball pleasure, tournament recaps are regular throughout the podcast and on the site. FitAid will accompany the show flawlessly because pickleball is a very tough sport where recovery is necessary. Shields and Apostol are no strangers to talking about how strenuous the sport can be for professionals and average joes.

FitAid is the world’s #1 post-workout recovery drink. Even better, it’s made in America. The company prides itself on only using the finest natural ingredients. There is no sucralose and no junk, which separates the company from many other recovery drinks on the market.