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Top Five winning Parlays from Draftkings Sportsbook. NBA, NHL and College Basketball Bets that raked it in.

For this edition of Big Bets, let’s focus on some Draftkings Sportsbook players who made ingenious parlay maneuvers. The NBA, CBB and NHL parlay season is heating up, and these five bettors clearly have a handle on it.

The Top 5 Winning Draftkings Parlays of 2020 – NHL, NBA and College Basketball Edition

Big Bet #1 – Sportsbook player goes five for five Parlaying NBA Parlay Combos at Draftkings.

Major props to this first online sports betting wiz who hit a perfect five for five on NBA odds combos at Draftkings Sportsbook. The unnamed Draftkings customer threw $1 on a parlay that included 5 different NBA moneyline + over under combo parlays. So, this sportsbook player actually parlayed 5 parlays.

Draftkings sportsbook parlay winner.

What happened next is truly amazing. They all hit. This Draftkings Sportsbook player took all ten outcomes to the house for a $1230 win on a $1 bet. The 5 moneyline and over under parlay bets were; Rockets and Under, Wizards and Over, Pelicans and Over, Spurs and Over, 76ers and Under.

Big Bet #2 – Draftkings player sweats out Ivy League game to win unlikely parlay.

This next sportsbook player also won big on a parlay at Draftkings. This anonymous bettor is going to have a great weekend after throwing down $18.41 on an 11 pick bet. The parlay bet included three NBA spreads, two NBA odds moneyline picks, 4 college basketball spreads and 2 college basketball moneylines. Did all of these picks really win?

Actually, no. The Pacers managed a last minute push getting 9 points vs the Toronto Raptors. Then it was the Dartmouth vs Brown game that almost cost this bettor, who must have had a long night. Brown pulled it out, winning the game and this parlay. How much does an 11 pick parlay pay? This one had odds of 83.73 to 1. With the Pacers Push, the odds were reduced to 64.91 to 1. So, this bettor cleaned up with $1194.90 in winnings.

Big Bet #3 -Think an 11 pick sportsbook parlay is hard to cash out? How about a 12 pick parlay?

Yet another Draftkings sportsbook player won big when they picked 12 college basketball moneylines correctly. The $10, 12 pick parlay took two days to complete.

With 11 legs won, the bet ticket holder only needed Syracuse to bet Notre Dame. Syracuse barely pulled it off, but they did win the game 84-82 vs the Fighting Irish. The dramatic conclusion to this parlay meant a $7,154.58 profit for this amazing sportsbook maestro.

Big Bet #4 -a 48 hour eight leg parlay bet monster.

On Tuesday Night, a Draftkings user palced a $131.19 eight leg parlay which included live NHL, NBA and CBB games along with the Kanas vs West Virginia game on Wed and several NHL games from Wed and Thursday night.

draftkings sportsbook parlay winner.

The parlay legs included 3-way money lines on the Avalanche, Canucks, Devils and Lighting. Also the player selected the Rockets to win live vs the Celtics, the Spurs live money line against OKC along with Kansas and Virginia in college basketball. It was a 48 hour sweat that paid off big. The final legs of the parlay hit and the Draftkings user won $17.037.10.

Big Bet #5 – NHL odds mastermind cleans up five figures on one parlay bet.

This amazing sports betting customer also took a phat payout from Draftkings Sportsbook. This NHL betting DK player was so confident in the picks, that they wagered $155 on one 6 pick parlay. All 5 NHL lines and One NBA line would have to win or push for this parlay to pay out 5 figures. The NHL lines were Penguins -1.5 vs Wild, Stars to beat the Avalanche, Sabres to win vs Las Vegas, Islanders giving 1.5 goals to the Red Wings and the Coyotes with a -1.5 puck line vs the Sharks.

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All of these NHL bets won and covered. So did the one NBA spread bet on the Mavs as 10.5 road favorites vs Golden State. So, how much did this $155 parlay bet win? The 6 correct picks turned into $27,743.76 in winnings. Congratulations, whoever you are.

Word is that Draftkings is now driving Uber at night to pay off all these parlays! Good luck this weekend sportsbook fans. Remember, to have your Big Bet (win or lose) featured on The Props Network, email us at [email protected].

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