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NFL Draft betting action at DraftKings Sportsbook had some big winners.

The NFL Draft ended up being a huge event for betting this year. Online Sportsbook players took advantage of the opportunity to actually wager on something during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are 3 of the most amazing Draft bets from DraftKings Sportsbook. No losers this week. We’ll get back to critiquing bad beats on Big Bets when Covid-19 goes away.

Three NFL Draft Betting Winners from DraftKings Sportsbook

Nobody saw Jalen Hurts going to the Eagles. The lead up to the draft and every expert mock out there had Hurts being drafted 2nd or 3rd round by the Patriots, Colts, Steelers or other QB needy teams. Then the Eagles shocked everyone when they made Hurts the second QB drafted overall.

Somehow. Someway. This amazing DraftKings user saw the Hurts to the Eagles pick coming. They risked $50 on a prop that would pay 100 to 1 if this unlikely outcome occurred.

Incredibly, it happened. Hurts looks set to back up Carson Wentz and this future-predicting sports bettor is $5000 richer.

The 2020 Draft was not so deep in the running back department. But another sports betting superstar really had a handle on the RB pool pickings. They made a $60 bet on a prop predicting the exact order of the first three running backs to be drafted.

Amazingly, the list of three panned out. The order was Clyde Edwards-Helaire, D’Andre Swift then Jonathan Taylor and this extra sharp bookie beater took in a payout of $1740. That’s odds of 29 to 1 to be precise.

$5500 Tee Time

Wide receiver was the most bountiful position in the 2020 NFL Draft this year. Few predicted the order that the receivers would go, as teams prioritized different skill sets.

Tee Higgins, the former Clemson star wide-out, was touted as one of the top prospects and the safe bet was the UNDER on his draft position.

Nope. This anonymous DraftKings player gets no kick from the over/under NFL Draft champagne. They went for it and they went for it big with a $164.63 wager on Tee Higgins to be selected with the 33rd pick overall.

The Bengals decided to keep the 33rd pick when many thought they would trade down. Would they go o-line to protect Joe Burrow? Or would they add another weapon to the mix?

Weapon was the choice, and Tee Higgins was the Bengals selection with pick 33. This meant a $5563 win for our DraftKings ace, who now has some serious extra bankroll. Table Tennis anyone?

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