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The Super Bowl is just around the corner, which means there’s going to be an MVP. Usually, the player that wins the MVP is on the winning team, so keep that in mind. Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford is one of the favorites. However, he’s not the only player topping the charts. Today, we’re going to take a look at the favorites and the underdogs for the MVP award.

Although we’re a few days away from the Super Bowl, we can get an idea of how players will perform. Using their performances throughout the year, we can gauge how much of an impact they’ll have. Last season, Tom Brady won the Super Bowl MVP, which leads many to think it’s always a QB. However, it’s not always the winning QB that gets the nod for MVP.

Favorites to Win Super Bowl MVP

As always, you have the quarterbacks from each team leading the odds for Super Bowl MVP. Matthew Stafford of the Rams leads the charge at +135, which are pretty great odds. Stafford has had a great season, throwing 41 touchdowns with only 17 interceptions. He’s been pretty great in the postseason, too, beating out Kyler Murray, Tom Brady, and Jimmy Garoppolo.

On the opposite side of the ball is the fan-favorite, Joe Burrow. Burrow comes into the 2022 Super Bowl with +225 odds to win the MVP. He’s a contender for the title, considering the performances he’s put together. He’s thrown for over 4,600 yards and sent Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs packing. In his second year, the young QB has led his team to the Super Bowl.

Underdog MVP

The Rams players have a stronghold on the underdog odds to win the 2022 Super Bowl MVP. First, you have the sensational Cooper Kupp at +600; keep in mind a receiver won the 2019 Super Bowl MVP. Many people didn’t think Julian Edelman could win the award, but he did. Kupp is the best receiver on the Rams, and the Bengals will do whatever they can to shut him down.

Considering Kupp will receive so much attention, you could take Aaron Donald at +1200. The last time a defensive player won the Super Bowl MVP award was in 2016. That player is Von Miller, who is now a member of the Los Angeles Rams. Aaron Donald constantly garners attention from opposing teams, so he could have trouble impacting the game; still not a bad bet.

Full Odds List

The favorites and the underdogs listed above are the most likely to win. However, they aren’t the only players listed at the sportsbook. From Ja’Marr Chase to Evan McPherson, there are multiple players available to place your picks on. Be sure to keep in mind that players towards the bottom of the list are very unlikely to win. In fact, a kicker has never won Super Bowl MVP.

Here is the full list of 2022 NFL Super Bowl MVP candidates and their odds:

  • Matthew Stafford +135
  • Joe Burrow +225
  • Cooper Kupp +600
  • Aaron Donald +1200
  • Ja’Marr Chase +1600
  • Odell Beckham Jr. +2500
  • Cam Akers +3000
  • Joe Mixon +3500
  • Tee Higgins +5000
  • Von Miller +5000
  • Sony Michel +8000
  • C.J. Uzomah +10000
  • Tyler Boyd +10000
  • Matt Gay +10000
  • Evan McPherson +10000

Our MVP Prediction

After taking a look at the players and their odds, we have a few picks for you. We’re going to go with Joe Burrow for our favorite pick at +225. He’s led the Bengals to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1988. If the Bengals can pull off a win, he’ll likely be named the Super Bowl MVP. Burrow is a show-stopping QB and can put the team on his back to win it all in 2022.

Taking someone from the Rams, we’ll go the shocking pick Aaron Donald +1200 as our underdog. Donald will receive a lot of attention, but that’s never stopped him before. The Bengals’ offensive line has a lot of struggles. A few key sacks and maybe a forced fumble could see Donald win the 2022 Super Bowl MVP.

Favorites Pick: Joe Burrow +225
Underdog Pick: Aaron Donald +1200