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Fresh off of a hot Philly Sunday mess of a game and the city of Philadelphia facing down their “Sunday Scaries”, an unexpected Philly MVP has risen from the ashes (literally) to save the spirit of Philadelphia. A mixed-use building blaze with “babies” stuck inside as the the hero Hakim Lewis states was no match for this Philly hero. After this traumatic situation, with a somewhat happy ending, Lewis found the opportunity to make light of what occurred and take a deep dig at Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor. Hopefully a video of this daring rescue surfaces as the highlight here is not the Agholor dig but the story of how they saved the babies. “By that time, the ladder truck was pulling up. Ironically me and one of my old co-workers grabbed the ladder off of the truck raised it up, since there were some people down, my man started throwing babies out the window…..But we was catchin’ em…..Unlike Agholor!” 2019 Most Philly thing said award nominee for sure, my mans Philly spirit could melt the Rocky statue and we love it. MAD PROPS!

Philly Hero saves babies form burning building

Full Story of the fire From NBC 10 Philly Here