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The Big Ten is one of the most competitive conferences in all sports. It’s also one of the most storied conferences and garners a ton of media attention. Each year, new teams emerge as contenders to win the conference. This year is no different, especially in College Basketball

Today, we’ll go over the current odds for the teams in the Big Ten to win the entire conference.

We’ll do this by first starting with the favorites, teams that separated themselves from the rest. These are the teams that have the best odds to win the conference. From there, we’ll name the underdogs, teams that are following closely behind the favorites. 

We’ll also list the top five, this way you’ll have all the odds in one place. 

Lastly, we’ll make a few picks for you.

Big Ten Conference Title Favorites: Purdue leads the way

It’s probably not much of a shock that the Purdue Boilermakers lead the odds right now. Currently, they’re a +110 favorite to win the Big Ten, and for good reason. 

They’re 10-3 in the conference, are ranked No. 3 in all of college basketball, and beat Illinois. However, there is a Big Ten team that beat Purdue. It’s actually one of our underdog teams we’ll list in a moment.

Coming in with +150 odds is Illinois, the 10-3 in the conference team that lost to Purdue. The biggest difference here is the overall record Illinois has. Illinois is 17-6 overall, which compared to Purdue’s 21-3 is a bad look.

Still, they’ve got the second-best odds to win the Big Ten. The reason why they’re second, instead of third, is because they beat the team that beat Purdue.

Big Ten Conference Title Underdogs: Got to love the Badgers

The team we’ve been referring to is the Wisconsin Badgers. Wisconsin is one of the few teams that has handed the Boilermakers a loss. 

The Badgers are currently No. 2 in the Big Ten conference and we love their odds. 

They come in at +1000 to win the Big Ten, and we think it’s a no-brainer to take them here. Wisconsin is poised for a conference title if they face Purdue.

At the number four spot is the Michigan State Spartans with a +1200. They’re tied with the team that has the fifth-best odds, Ohio State. 

The Spartans have performed well this season, but four conference teams have beaten them. Both Illinois and Wisconsin have handed the Spartans a loss. We don’t see them as being the best options out of the underdogs.

Big Ten Conference Title Odds List

Before we make our selections, we’ll give you the list below. Sometimes searching around for the current odds can take a while, so we’ll make it simpler. 

The top-five teams are all you’ll really need to concern yourself with. The teams below Ohio State will likely not be able to play for the Big Ten Conference Title. This way, you’ll have the information you need for teams eligible.

Here is the breakdown of the Big Ten Conference Title Odds:

  • Purdue +110
  • Illinois +150
  • Wisconsin +1000
  • Michigan State +1200
  • Ohio State +1200

Our picks for the Big Ten Conference Title winner

We’re actually going to be choosing two teams here, one favorite and one underdog. For our favorite pick, we’ll take the Purdue Boilermakers. 

Purdue has a potent offense, averaging 84.5 points per game, and ranks No. 3 in college basketball. Not only do we think Purdue can win the Big Ten, but they might also be your NCAA Champions. Taking them +110 is a no-brainer.

Another pick we consider to be one everyone should have on a ticket is Wisconsin +1000. Not only is the payout incredible, but there’s also a strong likelihood of it happening. 

Wisconsin is a great basketball team that has already taken down Purdue once. Had it not been for their loss to Illinois and Michigan State, they’d likely have better odds. Still, we love this pick at +1000. 

Favorite Pick: Purdue +110

Underdog Pick: Wisconsin +1000