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The move by the NFL Signals the league’s acceptance of legalized betting.

Us Online Sports Betting News breaking in the world of football. The NFL is reportedly searching for its first director of sports betting. A job description is circulating online now. The head hunt is another sign that the NFL is joining other professional sports leagues in embracing legalized gambling in the US. Leagues including the PGA Tour, MLB, Nascar and even the NBA have hired their own directors of betting. The NHL is also making major strides with integrating betting into its games.

Is the NFL worried about integrity?

Many see this as a move that indicates the NFL is worried about the integrity of it’s games, but that is not what the job description indicates. The role is less about integrity and more about advancing the game through legal sports betting. In fact, legal betting worries the NFL less than illegal off shore sites and local bookies.

Legal gambling doesn’t happen in the shadows. US sportsbooks and casinos have many safeguards and advanced data analytics to prevent fixing. The same cannot be said for the illegal betting that has takes place in the United Staes.

The NFL and Legalized Betting – F.A.Q.

What will the NFL Sports Betting director do?

The new position at the NFL will be in charge of protecting the games integrity, in order to advance the NFL brand world wide. The NFL Sports Betting director will also head up efforts to create more fan engagement through online betting.

Is the NFL in on betting?

The league is evolving from it’s long history of no-tolerance with gambling. Like most other pro sports leagues, the NFL is now hoping to capitalize on the legalization of betting that is happening across America. Thirteen states have legalized some form of online sportsbook betting so far, and many more will follow soon.

Have any NFL players been busted for gambling?

Josh Shaw, a player for the Arizona Cardinals, is suspended in 2020 for betting on games in 2019. A league investigation found that the defensive back placed bets on several games during the 2019 season. However, the league did not find that there was no malicious activity associated with Shaw’s bets. He placed the bets while injured, and there was no evidence that any player, coach or personnel on the team knew of the bets.

How can the NFL allow betting on their games?

Data technology now makes online betting, as well as brick and mortar sports book betting more trackable. The professional sports leagues have more capability than ever to know if the integrity of games has been compromised.

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