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While winning over a million dollars on parlays, Ben Patz may have also threatened to kill athletes and their kids.

Ben “Parlay” Patz has been charged with threatening to carry out acts of violence against professional and college athletes. The charge was announced on Wednesday by the US Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida. The accusation is that Parlay Patz is not just a 23 year old guy who won over $1,000,000 on parlays. He is also allegedly a horrible internet troll.

After losing $10,000 betting on the Rams to beat the Patriots in the 2019 Superbowl, Patz appears to have graphically threatened the family of Julian Edelman. The US Attorney claims that Patz said he would sexually assault and murder them in Instragram messages. Then Patz may have sent a similar message to Rob Gronkowski. “I’ll rape and murder your entire family,” is what the message to Gronk allegedly said.

‘Parlay’ didn’t stop with the Pats.

During the baseball season he seems to have threatened Freddy Galvis of the Blue Jays, Chaz Roe of the Rays, the Brave’s Max Fried, and the girlfriend of Atlanta’s Josh Donaldson. All of the messages were similar in describing beheadings, neck slashing and violent murders of family members. The horrific messages use racial slurs and even make threats of violence against children.

The next complaint against Ben Patz says that he used Instagram to make threats against a Pepperdine basketball player. The player isn’t named but has the the initials C.R. The direct messages were sent to C.R in March of 2019. This was right after Pepperdine won their game at 89-72 vs San Francisco. Patz is accused of using violent language involving dull knives, more beheading, burning, home invasion and just plain old murder in messages to the college basketball player.

What is Parlay Patz being charged with?

The charge of transmitting threats in interstate or foreign commerce says that multiple accounts were used for these messages. 18 of them were actually sent from his official Parlay Patz Instagram. All of this activity was also investigated by the FBI as the bureau now has a division for integrity in sports betting.

If these charges hold up, it is likely that the pro gambler could do 5 years of time in prison.

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