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Pointsbet New Jersey will refund all New York Yankees AL Pennant and World Series futures in wake of Houston Astros cheating scandal.



BREAKING ONLINE BETTING NEWS out of Pointsbet New Jersey. The NJ online sportsbook most famous for his karma-based decisions to refund bettors for bad beats, has shocked the betting world again.



Since news broke surrounding the Houston Astros scandal, PBNJ’s Karma Komittee has been meeting to determine what to do for the players who were essentially stolen from as a result of the Astros complex sign stealing system. The Astros hitters got a huge unfair advantage from these practices in 2019, and their success in the playoffs now looks to have been somewhat of a fraud.



With US players on Pointsbet concentrated in the tristate area of New Jersey, the book took a ton of action on the Yankees American League Pennant and World Series Futures. The Yankees would have had a great chance to go-to and perhaps win the Wold Series had the Houston Astros not cheated. So, Pointsbet has made a Karma Kommittee decision to refund all New York Yankees 2019 AL Pennant and World Series futures.



TPN checked in with Pointsbet CEO, Johnny Aitken, for comments on the thinking behind this decision; “Given the latest developments in this wild story, we think it’s only right to do our part and give back to all the Yankee bettors who now feel cheated in retrospect. We’ve always been aggressive with our Good Karma Payouts, but this one is simple. The fallout of the scandal may linger a bit for MLB, but we won’t let it linger for Pointsbet clients.”



The refund of all Yankees bets on AL Pennant and World Championship will cost PBNJ at least 5 figures.



This is another example of this sportsbook standing out as the most player friendly place to bet. Pointsbet famously refunded all New Orleans Saints bettors who lost as a result of the blown call in the 2019 NFC Championship game vs the Rams. Then, earlier this year the Karma Kommittee rescued anyone who bet on Mitchell Trubisky to be NFL MVP. Why? Strictly because Mitch Trubisky was terrible this season. And thats bad karma.





Pointsbet will refund Yankees bets

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The Props Network will continue to report on all Pointsbet Karma Kommittee decisions.