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00:20 Intro

02:04 Missing life and sports

06:41 Will baseball have an opening day in 2020?   

9:55 Could golf be the first sport back? Will Phil vs Tiger really happen?

12:10 Could the NBA quarantine players to get the league back up and running like English Premier League is considering.

13:07 Is it better to resume the current season for the major sports  or start over with a new season?

14:22 Thoughts on the Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance, coming April 19th on @ESPN and @Netflix

18:13 Cancellation of The Last Dance premier night, Chicago Bulls of old versus Bulls of new, and director’s cut of the documentary.

21:00 – Changes to @PTI due to Covid-19.

23:14 Wilbon reversing his stance and embracing social media “RealMikeWilbon” Twitter, Instagram, Facebook? 

24:05 Magic Johnson starting the conversation about people forgetting Lew Alcindor is the greatest college basketball player of all time not Zion Williamson.

28:54 People are talking more because of social distancing.

29:46 The effect of Drew Brees and other athletes donating money to help people dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

31:36 What are you doing to get out? 

33:17 The favorite show, sports or non-sports related, you have seen or are watching?