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Everyone is talking about Michael Jordan and “The Last Dance”, now it’s Chicago Bulls night on INACTION.

Comedians, Tom Thakkar and Tommy McNamara go head-to-head as we find out who knows more about MJ and the Bulls. Games topics include Jordan fashion choices, Pippen’s salary and Donnie’s dad. Plus a special appearance by “MJ” himself as we raise money for the Archdiocese of Chicago covid-19 relief efforts. Donate if you can at:

Tom Thakkar vs. Tommy McNamara – INACTION

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INACTION is the quarantine quiz show that is cowering from covid-19 on Host Joel Walkowski and producer Donnie Sengstack challenge celebrities and die hard sports fans through a series of sports and pop culture quiz games. How much do they know about their favorite teams and cities? Find out on another episode of Inaction.

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