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“0:30” Week 3 is in the books and let me tell you the Eagles blow… what a way to cap off the week.

“2:04” Let’s review last weeks bets. Raccoon came back down to earth!

“2:30” Raccoon week 3 pick #1: NYG -3 Loser. Bison week 3 pick #1: Falcons +3 at Giants.  

“2:40” Shout out to giants for being horrible and Racoon being an idiot. Shout-out to commenter Snookslayer

“3:39” Bison #2: Pats +3 at New Orleans

“4:41” Raccoon #2 Seattle -2 v Vikings

“5:04” Bison Bet the Farm: Bucs -1.5 vs the rams.

“5:44” Raccoon bet the farm: Cowboys -3.5 v Eagles

“6:12” Richard Sherman, why’d it take so long to sign him? He’s amazing. He got a bad rap.

“7:34” Discussion #2- who wins each division in the AFC and why? Bison- Buffalo, Baltimore, Tennessee, Chargers; Raccoon – Buffalo, Cleveland. Tennessee. Vegas.

“12:51” Whos your MVP right now? Raccoon: Matt Stafford; Bison: Tom Brady

“15:42” Week 4 bets!!

“16:14” Bison #1 Cincy -2.5 vs Jax; Raccoon #1 Bills -17 vs Texans

“17:31″ Bison #2 Seattle +3 against SF; Raccoon #2 Cowboys – 4.5 vs Panthers

18:51” Bet The FARM! Bison: Tennessee -7 against the Jets Raccoon Arizona getting 4.5 vs LA Rams

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