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Learn what it means to bet ‘against the spread’.

Learn about sports betting with TPN analyst, Steve Clark. Today’s lesson is all about The Spread’. What does it mean to ‘bet against the spread’? And what happens when the spread ties? Learn how to read the numbers and sound like a sharp bettor the next time you go to the sportsbook counter.

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How to Bet

‘How to Bet’ is the betting education series presented by The Props Network. In every episode, betting expert Steve Clark teaches new bettors what they need to know to start playing online and at the sports book. Learn the terms, tips and strategy you need to bet like the pros.

What happens when the spread ties?

When the spread ties it is called a ‘Push”. A push means that both the bettor and the house keep their money. The bettor has their bet amount refunded in full when a spread ties. If a pushed spread is included in a parlay, then the parlay is still alive for a lower payout if the other legs also push or win. In a teaser, on the other hand, a push against the spread results in a push on the whole teaser bet. And, if any of the other legs of the teaser lose, then the whole teaser loses.

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