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Oscars Betting Breakdown – the final word on Oscar Picks and pools. Key categories, upsets and more with Scott Yager.

We are talking 2020 Oscars one more time with entertainment analyst, Scott Yager. Get the key insight you need to have an edge on bets and gain points in your office pool. Will there be upsets? Can Parasite really feast on Best Picture? (sorry we had to). Get the last word on Oscars from Scott in this video, and follow The Props Network for more betting news, advice and bonuses.

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Scott Yager is a NYC entertainment analyst and host of the Challenge Mania Podcast. Scott has been covering the Oscars this year for The Props Network.

What are the Oscars betting odds?

The betting odds are the same as those used for sports betting. A film or nominee with a minus ( – ) next to the name is a favorite, where you will have to bet more money than you would win if they win that award. So, -150 means you need to bet $150 to win $100. Films or nominees with plus ( + ) next to the name are considered less likely to win. So, if a nominee has +1000 odds, that means your winnings would be your bet amount multiplied by 10 ($100 to win $1000). +150 Odds on a nominee means that your bet would pay 1.5 times the wager amount if it wins ($100 to win $150).

Must be 21+ to bet. Gambling Problem? Call 1.800.Gambler now.