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MGM Resorts and Allegiant stadium to become more than just neighbors.

The Las Vegas Raiders have caused a stir in the sports betting world, after announcing a partnership with MGM Resorts. MGM is now an official gaming partner of the team, and is also a Founding Partner of Allegiant Stadium. The all black everything stadium (which is looking incredible by the way), will feature prominent MGM signage throughout.

The Commercial

This is the greatest piece of pro football team – casino partnership cinema we have ever seen. Set to an incredible synth soundtrack, two Raider greats arrive at the MGM valet in a grey Cadillac stretch, and are greeted by Raider Cheerleaders. Then they go upstairs and point out a window at the stadium under construction. After that there is a dance scene that takes place in a video arcade/laser tag arena. Then the old Raider players hang out and play foosball with the Jabawakeez, the Blue Man Group and one of the manic depressive clowns from Cirque Du Soleil.

If this is what it will be like to travel to Las Vegas and stay at MGM for a raider game, then count us in.

The Gaming Part

Interestingly, the press release gives no details regarding the gaming part of the deal between the Raiders and MGM. We suspect this could mean betting kiosks and an in-stadium betting app powered by BETMGMSPORTSBOOK. We will report on more details regarding gaming options inside the stadium as they become available.


MGM will also be opening a club inside the Las Vegas Raider stadium. No word yet on which celeb chef will be on the wings. we do know that MGM Club at Allegiant will be an ‘ultra-exclusive experience with a full service premium bar’. The luxury lounge will also have ‘upgraded stadium seating’ for game viewing. Plus there will be some kind of exclusive fan experience held at MGM resorts before and after games.

VIP Entry and Drop Off Zone

This should mean easy access to the game for VIP guests and high rollers staying at MGM resort properties. The stadium is located right next to the Las Vegas Strip.

Pre-Game and Post game Parties

The TPN team is day dreaming about Steve Aoki pre-game party billboards on the way from McCarron to the Strip. MGM has not yet announced the details of these events, but we will have the inside details asap.

Becoming a fixture in the Las Vegas Community.

The Raiders and MGM have also announced initiatives for community outreach programs designed for the stadium to have a positive influence on the residents of Las Vegas. Additionally, the stadium is expected to create 6,000 permanent jobs and and economic benefit of $620 million annually for Southern Nevada.

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