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Patrick Mahomes and the final play of the Super Bowl caused thousands of prop bets to lose.

The Super Bowl was an emotional roller coaster for anyone who bet on it. This was especially true in the 4th quarter, as the Chiefs stormed back and covered the -1.5 point spread over the Niners. But, there was only one play in the game that can legitimately be called a bad beat.

What was the Play that Caused Thousands of Super Bowl Prop Bets to Lose?

The final seconds ticked off the clock and the victory was in hand for Andy Reid and the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes took a knee, but first ran 15 yards backwards to extend the play and finish out the game. This was a smart play for Patrick, but a heart breaking disaster for anyone who bet on a Mahomes rushing yards prop.

Many books has the over/under for the Chiefs QB set around 30 – 35 yards. Mahomes has been using his legs more in recent games, causing a lot of bettors to take the OVER. As he took the final snap to win the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes’s rushing stat line read 44 yards. Comfortably over the 30.5 number

The Bad Beat on the Final Play

The final play counted as a loss of 15 yards. So, Mahomes ended the game with 29 rushing yards and everyone who bet OVER lost. This is the definition of a bad beat and sent many fans home from their parties in a bad mood.

One Sportsbook Refunded Everyone who Lost

Pointsbet sportsbook has stepped up and saved their loyal players once again. They gathered the ‘Karma Kommittee’ and decided to quickly issues refunds to all players who took Mahomes Over 30.5 yards. So, those who lost because of the final play will get a full refund on their wager amount.

The New Jersey and Iowa sports betting site has become famous for the Karma Kommittee rulings. During the 2019 Playoffs they refunded all bets on the Saints, after a trip to the Super Bowl was stolen by a missed call on the Rams. Also, earlier this year Pointsbet refunded anyone who bet on the New York Yankees to win the 2019 ALCS or World Series. So, this refund on Mahomes rushing yards is not a big surprise.

The Props Network will continue to report on all Pointsbet Karma Kommittee decisions. TPN is the place to get sports betting news, bonuses and free bets.

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