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Learn how to start your own 2020 Oscars Office Pool with our free downloadable 2020 Oscars Office Pool picks card.

Prove you know more than your coworkers, friends and relatives with our Free 2020 Oscars Pool Download. Here is how you can have some competitive fun with your friends, family and office-mates, by running your own 2020 Oscar Pool. Also, you can now bet legally on the Oscars at Draft

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Oscars Office Pool

Our free Oscar Pool has every nominee in every category. The nominees are in order of the Draftkings Sportsbook odds. The current favorites, according to the odds, are at the top of each category. An Oscar Pool for the Academy Awards is a contest that can be run by individuals for their friends, family and coworkers. Like a March Madness bracket, the method is to distribute a form to those who might want to play. The form has all the categories and nominees. Players select one nominee in each category, and the winner(s) is the individual who got the most selections correct.

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Disclaimer: Pool is for Entertainment Purposes Only! To be played for fun with your friends and co-workers.

How To Start an Oscar Pool with friends and coworkers.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Have an Oscar Pool

  1. Get a free downloadable 2020 Oscar Pool Sheet

    Download our free The Props Network Oscar Pool Selection Card. Our Oscar Pool features every category, with nominees in the order that they currently rank at Draftkings Sportsbook.

  2. Decide on an entry method

    Let those that are invited to the pool know how to submit their entry. Determine if you want them to print, complete, scan or take a picture, then email you the entry. Or do you want entries handed to you in person. Be sure to make this clear in the invitation that you send to join the Oscar pool.

  3. Get names and contact info

    Make sure that everyone submits entries with their names and email addresses clearly printed in the spaces provided on our Free Downloadable Oscar Pool.

  4. Scoring and Oscar Pool

    The winner of the Oscar Pool is the person who guesses the most correct winners on their Oscar Pool Sheet. The person running the pool is responsible for tallying the results. To be extra careful, you should check all entries twice and make a list of everyone’s score.

  5. Determine a tie breaker

    You don’t have to have a tie breaker. You could allow multiple winners to share the prize or the bragging rights. However, if you don’t want to allow for a tie, then you must have a method to break one. This method should be in the initial invite email that you send to potential players. One idea for a tie breaker is to tally a separate score(s) in groupings of more obscure categories. Ex: The tie breaker is the number of correct answers in the technical Oscar categories; Sound, Editing, Directing, Visual Effects, Makeup/Hair, Costume Design. Another example is to have the tie breaker be the number of correct answers in the acting categories only; Best Actress, Best Actor, Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor.

  6. After the deadline for entries passes, email all the players.

    Once the pool is closed to new entries, let all the players know how many total people are in the pool. You can also update everyone on the stakes, if you are playing for more than just bragging rights.

  7. Reward the winners, and maybe the loser.

    Make sure you are timely with distributing whatever the prize is quickly to one winner or multiple winners. Some Oscar pool commissioners reward 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Others have a prize set aside for the individual who does the worst in the pool. Oscar Pools can be customized, just like a fantasy football league.

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