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Lotto players like the results of this new app that lets them play their numbers from their iPhones and Android devices.

NJ lottery app is the number one way to win. Players can’t believe the results and all can agree it beats buying tickets. Now you can play the official state lottery on your phone if you are in New Jersey. Players in 5 different states can now buy real tickets using this free app.

A Texas lottery player in Houston recently won $675,000 on Jackpocket. She was playing $1 Teas Two Step. It’s a draw game with 7 different ways to win and she’s getting one lump sum payment.

The winning numbers were 17,18,19,33 and Bonus Ball 24. Incredibly, the ticket was placed at exactly 2:20 PM on 2/20/2020!

How the free lotto app works is amazing.

Jackpocket partners with the official lottery ticket retailers and buy real tickets on your behalf. Play your favorite lottery numbers without leaving your house.

You can see your lottery ticket right in the app and get an email with a serial number. This locks you in as the owner of the ticket and any potential winnings. Colorado lottery, DC lottery, MN lottery and players in multiple other states can use this service now.

It even checks your lottery results for you and lets you know when your ticket wins. Then you are able to transfer the winnings right to your bank account. It’s easy.

Lottery app lets you get in on a ticket pool with friends.

Jackpocket Pools let you ‘play together and win big together’, says the free lotto app. The new special lottery app feature lets you team up with other players to increase your odds of hitting that huge Mega Millions or Powerball jackpots.

Every time someone joins the lottery pool, the odds of winning get better. Jackpocket report that some pools have over 3,000 players. There is strength in numbers!

Also when you get your friends to join the lotto pool, you get 5 free entries. That’s $10 in credits for Jackpocket. Just tap ‘Pools’ in the JP app to start your lottery pool now.

What States have the free lottery app?

Texas, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Minnesota, Colorado, Washington, D.C. Florida lottery could be added in the near future.

Must be 18+ or 21+ to play lottery where applicable. Gambling or lottery addiction? Call 1.800.Gambler today.