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The ESPN event will bring live sports back to TV this week.

With professional and college sports almost completely shut down due to COVID-19, there is almost nothing to watch on TV.

Now, sports fans have actual live sports to look forward to watching. The Pickleball Mania World Pickleball Championship will air live on ESPN3 via streaming players as well as on computers and mobile apps.

Four top world pickleball pro players will compete in the event under strict quarantine at a private residence. The TV crew will only be 6 people, and social distancing will be practiced for all players and staff.

Pickleball Mania producer Harry Cicma on the “Just For Sport” Podcast.

Behind the live sports event is NY Sportscaster and TV Producer Harry Cicma. Cicma chatted with Jumoke Davis on TPN’s ‘Just For Sport’ Podcast. Download to find out what he had to say about the upcoming event and the Cover-19 precautions that have been taken to pull it off.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is fastest growing sport in the world. It is a paddle sport that combines the athleticism of tennis with the precision and speed of ping pong. The deal with ESPN could be the next step towards Pickleball gaining even more popularity in the US.

The Rules of Pickleball.

  • A game is played to 11 and the you have to win by 2.
  • The serve has to be underhanded.
  • There is a Double Bounce Rule. The player receiving the serve must let the ball bounce once before making contact.

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