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Pols & Theories return to the table to discuss Adam Thielen’s comments, Lamar’s 5 best destinations, Eagles losing CJGJ, Cowboys getting Brandon Cooks, Crizzlies/Warriors rivalry, Sixers’ biggest competition in the East, KD’s legacy with the Suns, Damian Lillard’s legacy and Mario Chalmer’s comments on LeBron James.

NFL Talk

  • Adam Thielien says he chose Panthers because they can win the Super Bowl.
  • 5 best locations for Lamar Jackson.
  • Eagles lose CJGJ to Lions, will this hurt the Eagles?
  • Cowboys get Brandin Cooks, does this move the needle for them?

NBA Talk

  • Are the Grizzlies/Warriors a rivalry?
  • Who should the Sixers fear the most in the East?
  • What would a ring for KD with the Suns to do his legacy?
  • Should Dame shut it down for the rest of the season with the Blazers out of contention?
  • Mario Chalmers goes on a podcast and says no one fears LeBron.

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