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Pols & Theories return to discuss all things NBA playoffs, Aaron Rodgers to the Jets, Lamar Jackson getting his money, and the NFL draft.

NFL Talk

  • Lamar Jackson signs 5 year 260 million deal(185 guaranteed). Worth it?
  • Are the Ravens the favorites in the NFC North/Super Bowl Contenders?
  • Aaron Rodgers traded to the Jets. Does he make them contenders?
  • Which team gets the highest draft grade? Which team gets the lowest?
  • Reaction to Eagles draft?
  • NFL Schedule released Thursday, who will kick off the season?

NBA Talk

Sixers/Celtics 2-2. Who has the edge?

  • Joel Embiid wins MVP.
  • Harden Sixers most important player?
  • Who is the Celtics most important player?

Lakers take 3-1 lead over the Warriors, now the favorites to win the West.

  • Who has been the Lakers MVP?
  • Can the Warriors make the comeback?
  • The Lonnie Walker game.

Nuggets/Suns 2-2. Who has the edge?

  • Devin Booker’s team or Kevin Durant’s?
  • Can Nikola Jokic carry the Nuggets to the NBA Finals?
  • Who needs this series more?

Knicks take 3-1 lead over the Knicks, can the Heat make the finals?

  • Can the Knicks make the comeback?
  • What do the Knicks need this off season?
  • How do you explain the Heat?

Facts or Cap

  • Jimmy Butler has been the best player in the playoffs.
  • Jaylen Brown is the most underrated played in the NBA.
  • Jordan Poole is the most overrated player in the NBA.
  • Whoever wins the Lakers/Warriors series should be favorite to win the Finals.

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