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Pols & Theories return to discuss the Eastern/Western Conference Finals and what went wrong with the Sixers after another crushing 2nd round exit.

Lakers vs Nuggets:

◦ LeBron James drops 40. Lakers swept 4-0 against the Nuggets. What’s your biggest takeaway?

◦ What do the Lakers need to do in the off-season to get back to the WCF?

◦ Lebrons postgame comments allude to him possibly retiring. Is this it for the King?

◦ Jokic heads to his first NBA Finals appearance. Did his playoff performance change your outlook on him as a player? Does this finals appearance validate his MVPs in 2021 & 2022 seasons?

◦ Did Jokic performance against AD change your outlook more on Jokic or AD?

◦ Outside of the Jokic, who was the key for the Nuggets to get passed the Lakers?

Celtics vs Heat:

◦ Celtics down 3-0 on the verge of getting swept. Are you surprised?

◦ Will the Heat complete the sweep against the Celtics?

◦ Can Celtics pull off the 3-0 series comeback? NBA lifetime teams are 0-150 following a 3-0 series deficit.

◦ What do the Celtics need to do in order to change the momentum and get it back to Boston for a Game 5?

◦ Is the Tatum & Brown Duo over with after this season?

◦ Does watching Jimmy Butler on the cusp of another finals appearance make you squeal about the Sixers letting him go?

Sixer talk:

◦ What’s next for the Sixers after losing in Game 7 to the Celtics once again?

◦ Will James Harden come back to Philly? If not, where you have him going?

◦ What do the Sixers need to do this off-season to finally get over the hump?

◦ Did Joel Embiid seem to care about the MVP more than the chip?

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