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Pols & Theories with special guest, Ryan Shute, return to the table to discuss and debate Week 15. From Baker Mayfield getting Nathaniel Hackett fired, Dallas beating Philly, Green Bay inching closer to a playoff birth, Tom Brady barely beating the Cardinals, and much more.

A. Rams beat Broncos 51-14

  • Nathaniel Hackett fired
  • Where do the Broncos go from here?
  • Potential replacements as HC

B. Cowboys beat Eagles 40-34

  • Did the Eagles miss Hurts?
  • What did this game tell you?
  • If applicable, who wins the rubber match?

C. Packers beat Dolphins 26-20

  • Packers inch closer to playoffs
  • Are the Packers dangerous if they get in?
  • Tua concussed, again?

D. Buccaneers beat Cardinals 19-16 OT

  • Are the Bucs dead men walking?
  • Tom Brady per usual operates in clutch, where is this the whole game?
  • Should Todd Bowles lose his job?

E. Chargers beat Colts 20-3

  • Justin Herbert finally makes playoffs, what do we need to see from him?
  • What is the Chargers ceiling?
  • If the Chargers go one and done, should they go all out for Sean Payton?

F. Factz or Cap

  • Mike White will be Jets QB to start the 2023 season
  • Raiders should move on from Derek Carr
  • Baker Mayfield will be a Ram next year
  • Nathaniel Hackett will coach next season
  • Carson Wentz should be the starter for Commanders rest of the season
  • Josh Allen is overrated

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