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Pols & Theories return to the table to discuss Angel Reese, Jill Biden’s comments, Lakers’ surge. Mavs tanking, Wiggins’ return, NBA MVP, Sixers/Celtics, Texans out on a QB, Ravens’ offer to OBJ, DHop to be cut and Belichick chopping Mac Jones.

NCAA Women’s Championship

  • Was Angel Reed classless in her taunt of Caitlin Clark?
  • Jill Biden wants both Iowa/LSU to go to the White House.

NBA Talk

  • Lakers .5 game behind the 5 seed, where will they finish?
  • Mavericks 1 game behind the play-in, considering shutting down Luka/Kyrie, will Kyrie resign?
  • Wiggins to return to the Warriors, are they a contender or pretender?
  • Who will win NBA MVP? Embiid favorite, followed by Giannis, Jokic.
  • Sixers vs Celtics tonight, is this a must win for the Sixers?

NFL Talk

  • Texans won’t definitely draft a QB at 2.
  • Ravens offer OBJ a deal, will this help bring Lamar back?
  • DeAndre Hopkins to be released?
  • Bill Belichick shopping Mac Jones; Lamar? Where would Mac fit best?

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