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Pols & Theories return to discuss the RB market, Dhop on the Titans, top 5 head coaches on the hot seat, Darren Waller, the GOAT tight end, Dak’s comments on his INT’s, Pounce or Bounce(Fantasy auction draft style) and the Sixers off-season drama.

NFL Talk

  • DeAndre Hopkins signs with Titans 2 years/26 million
  • Top 5 HC on the hot seat entering 2023
  • Who is the GOAT Tight End? Kelce or Gronk?
  • Raiders traded Darren Waller due to time missed with injuries
  • Josh Jacobs was waiting in the parking lot with Maxx Crosby to sign a deal, didn’t get one.
  • Saquon Barkley and the Giants were off by 1-2 million, didn’t get one.
  • Dak vows to not have 10 interceptions this year. Over/Under 10.5 INT this year? Over/Under 31.5 TD’s?
  • Pounce or Bounce (Fantasy Football)

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