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Psychotic & Iconic Sports Podcast Episode #33

Mikey P, Nick, and Pols host their NFL Midseason Special to recap their preseason picks and then make their updated playoff and award predictions. The pod bros also announce their Thursday Night Football DFS lineups and their Week 10 game picks & spread picks.


  • NFL Midseason Special: Recap of preseason picks, then make updated playoff and award predictions including division winners, playoff seedings, NFC/AFC Championship Game & Super Bowl winners, MVP + OPOY + DPOY winners
  • NFL Week 10 game picks and spread picks
  • Thursday Night Football DFS lineups: Ravens vs Dolphins
  • OBJ signs with the Los Angeles Rams
  • Cam Newton signs with the Carolina Panthers after Sam Darnold is diagnosed with fractured scapula
  • Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Chris Carson appear on track to return and play in Seahawks vs Packers showdown

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