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Pols & Theories return to the table to discuss, debate, and answer questions about a wild Week 15 of the NFL season.

A. Eagles beat Bears 25-20

  • Hurts has 3 rush TD no passing, any concern?
  • Hurts get injured, what’s this mean moving 4ward MVP?

B. Jaguars beat Cowboys 40-34

  • is this on coaching or dak?

C. Bills beat Dolphins 32-29

  • Did Tua prove enough?
  • Josh Allen’s performance
  • Are the Bills about to go on a run?

D. Vikings beat Colts 39-36

  • Colts blow a 33 point lead in 2nd half
  • Is Jeff Saturday time over?

E. Bengals beat Bucs 34-23

  • Buccaneers blow a 17 point lead
  • Is this more on Tom or Todd
  • What this tell you about Joey B and the Bengals

F. Raiders beat Patriots 30-24

  • Is this the craziest ending to a game ever?

G. Facts or Cap

  • The Lions will make the playoffs
  • Matt Ryan is a HOF’er
  • Russ is more to blame than Hackett
  • The Chargers will be the most dangerous team if they make playoffs
  • The Jags will win the AFC South
  • The Bills are a top 5 team in the NFL

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