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Pols & Theories return to discuss where DeAndre Hopkins will land, Dalvin Cook’s comments on teaming up with DeAndre Hopkins, the Suns acquiring Brad Beal, the Damian Lillard saga, and Draymond Green declining his player option.


·     Stefon Diggs is reportedly frustrated in his role in the offense and wants to be involved in the play calling.

  • Do you think he should have input on the game plan? How do you think this will get resolved or will it get uglier as we head towards training camp?

 Deandre Hopkins visits Titans and Patriots. Patriots reportedly “feel good” about the possibility of Hopkins signing with New England. However, a report came out According to NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran, some people at 1 Patriots Place “are still wary” about how Hopkins will fit into the Patriots’ culture. How do you interpret the word “culture” in that report?

  • Dalvin Cook said it would be “Epic” if D-Hop and him joined the same team.
  • What would be so epic about it? Do you think their impact to an offense can be significant enough to take a team to the top?

·     Speaking of….Are Running Backs getting big money extinct now? Will the market ever correct itself in the future or will this be the new norm moving forward? Does this effect the way teams play offenses as well since it seems to be more pass happy as it is?

End NFL (Tell audience we will begin fantasy football and NFL predictions beginning on July 6th and they do NOT want to miss this show and all the shows moving forward!)NBA:Bradley Beal has been traded to the Suns. Trade Details:

Suns receive: Bradley Beal, Jordan Goodwin and Isaiah Todd

Wizards receive Chris Paul, Landry Shamet, Multiple 2nd Round Picks, and Multiple Pick Swaps.

Lets Talk About It:

KD is on another “super team” once again. What happened to this mindset along the way throughout KD’s career. How did we get here? (SEE GRAPHIC ATTACHED & SEND TO PHIL)

  • Sixers feel optimistic about James Harden re-signing. Are you excited for this or would you like the Sixers explore other avenues? Tobias Harris name is heating up in trade talks, where do you think he ends up? What would you like the Sixers to get for him to help improve the team next year assuming Harden stays.

  • Ja Morant’s camp feels like the NBA and media are out to get them. What are your initial thoughts on this?

·    Jimmy Butler is reportedly recruiting Damien Lillard to the Miami Heat. Will the Heat be the favorites in the East with this move? If this trade doesn’t go down, where do you think Dame plays next season?·    Draymond declines his 27.5 Million to become an Unrestricted free agent. Is this a sign the Warriors trio (Steph/Klay/Draymond) is getting ready for a split? Where do you think Draymond plays next season?

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