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Pols & Theories return this week to discuss NBA/NBPA agreements for major awards, the Sixers’ win streak, Ja Morant, and the scariest teams in the East and West. From there they will tackle everything going on in the NFL free agency.

NBA Talk:

  • NBA & NBPA close to agreeing on a minimum number of games to win major awards such as MVP
  • Sixers on a 5 game win streak – what is their ceiling?
  • Ja Morant checks into a counseling center
  • What’s the scariest team in the East & West

NFL Talk:

  • The Bears trade 1st pick to Panthers for DJ Moore for 2023 1st, 2024 1st, 2023 2nd, 2025 2nd – Panthers may back down?
  • Jets optimistic to land Aaron Rodgers, get Allen Lazard now. Where would they stand in the AFC?
  • Dolphins trade a 3rd for Jalen Ramsey, pick up Tua’s 5th year option. Where do they stand in the AFC?
  • Jimmy G to the Raiders; 3 years $67.5MM with $34MM guaranteed. Is this an upgrade?
  • Austin Ekeler requests trade after no deal reached – best fit?
  • Lamar Jackson considers sitting out the season without a contract. Will anyone offer?
  • Eagles lose Hargrave, Edwards, Epps, Dillard. Kelce returns. Added Rashad Penny. Bradberry staying put.
  • Cowboys add Stephon Gilmore

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