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The hottest new pickleball debate is pushing paddle testing to its legal limits. Zane and Thomas cover the most creative ways to skirt pickleball rules. Pro serves seem to be rising higher and higher, is the drop serve the only feasible solution? We want you to get involved with the pod. Show some love in the comments and one listener will make a guest appearance on an upcoming episode.

Show Notes:

1:30 Corrections from last week

5:00 Creative Exploitation of the pickleball rules

12:11 Pesa’s alleged carry

15:51 Shea Underwood’s screenplay

18:18 Pro serves creeping higher and higher

22:08 Steve Paranto’s push for the drop serve

28:34 Dwell time could be the last straw for paddle testing

36:55 Deflection level can change sound and shot angle

43:47 Listener questions

54:18 Hat Zane plays

56:17 Show me all your PB contacts

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