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Kyle Selinko co-owner of Boxcar Productions and Close Call Relay joins the pod to solve pickleball’s line call headache. Selinko explains the technology he’s employed to automate line calls and remove subjectivity.

Zane and Thomas catch up after Zane’s honeymoon and cover the Andrei Daescu suspension, JOOLA Gen 3 paddles getting de-listed, and the haters who watch Pros vs 5.0s.

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0:00 Introducing the Aloha Showdown

5:51 Mean tweets for Pros vs 5.0s

11:38 The infamous foreign substance

15:00 Andrei’s response

21:09 Zane’s Take on the punishment

27:45 What would you do if you’re UPA?

35:00 Girlies photo shoot breaks the internet

39:24 JOOLA Gen 3 de-listed

49:38 Kyle’s humble start streaming from a phone

54:40 The 240 frames per second revolution

1:01:20 What about the backcourts?

1:05:27 Using AI to make calls

1:08:49 Challenges that build the excitement

1:11:03 Proof from DUPR collegiate events

1:13:40 Any application for the NVZ?

1:17:47 Where broadcasts can improve?

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