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Description: Zane and Thomas burn through pickleball’s hottest stories of the week. First up, they respond to Lea Jansen’s take on singles. Then a juicy letter from a host in Daytona is making its way through the picklesphere. Can we chalk it up to growing pains? Zane shares his takes on the inaugural Pickleball Slam. There’s still a chance for you to get on the pod, jump in the comments and make your case.

Show Notes:

0:00 Lea thinks singles are a thing of the past

8:01 Zane college tennis crossover into pickleball

15:30 Dunking in the comments

20:22 The famous Medium article ‘Grow Up Pickleball’

37:43 The APP Tour’s sit-and-wait strategy opens the door for new players

46:00 Big Papa Jimmy has a way with words

50:25 The Pickleball Slam had entertainment value, not just a hit n giggle

57:05 Jack Sock might be the ultimate tennis crossover athlete

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