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USA Pickleball’s man behind the paddle tests shares his wealth of knowledge with the PicklePod. Carl Schmits explains what is going on with the new wave of paddles hitting the market and the discrepancy between testing organizations.

Zane and Thomas recap the APP Houston Open and weigh in on the line call controversy that brought an army of extra eyes to Championship Court.

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Show Notes

0:53 The F1 Pickleball Experience

5:04 When Zane and Thomas first met

8:55 Travis isn’t afraid to sling it on Tennis Sucks

15:39 APP Houston line calls boil over

20:09 Punishment for overruling calls

24:43 No Premier Level trades

27:15 Zane needs suggestions for a creative loser punishment

32:14 Carl Schmits joins the pod

40:28 How do testing organizations work together?

44:28 USAP’s plan for testing at Nationals

51:44 The new Gearbox paddle

58:24 Exit velocity test coming soon and auditing the PicklePod

1:02:35 The USAP relationship with the pro tours

1:11:18 What does USA Pickleball do?

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