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Description: Pickleball’s most polarizing player Julian Arnold is here to talk all things MLP. His unabashed excitement for the game leaves some fans pining for more and others muting their TVs. Learn more about how Julian co-founded his paddle company Volair and coined his own catchphrase. MLP Mesa’s Most Valuable Player also shares his insights on how pro pickleball can continue to improve. Andiamo!

Show Notes: 

0:00 Julian and Thomas’ first epic battle

2:00 The birth of ANDIAMO

6:15 The first MLP blue card was issued to Pablo Tellez

13:33 What is crossing the line in pro pickleball?

21:13 People have started to appreciate the Andiamo energy

24:04 Creating your own brand

34:35 The best way to tank your DUPR

37:52 MLP Daytona – sloped courts, wind, and time at the beach

47:18 Side selection is crucial in MLP

52:29 Getting the court visuals correct will help eliminate a side advantage

57:11 The Saslow Super Dreambreaker

1:01:01 Rally removes shots from the game

1:04:08 The shot clock concept

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