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Zane and Thomas wade through the Tour Wars fallout on a new episode of PicklePod. MLP Atlanta is a go, but there is still plenty of bad blood among owners, players, and staff. Speaking of bad blood, the McGuffin vs. Loong feud rages from the court to podcasts and to Twitter. There is speculation on holdouts, renegotiations, and how this new organization can function moving forward.

Zane and Thomas cover Zane’s injury and recap their head-to-head results from last week.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Honcho winners get to play Zane 2 on 1

3:56 Singles is 5 years behind doubles

7:02 Contracts will need to be touched up

13:29 Tennis players entering the mix

18:50 Paddle companies choosing from top talent

23:49 Tyson’s flips the bird at PPA Cincy

33:20 Pickle4444 with the inside information

42:19 Pros overcoming bad blood

47:40 I will clean out the porta-potties

50:47 Where does USA Pickleball stand?

57:47 Annonymous accounts coming for Zane

1:08:14 Ken Hermann the last OG left

1:10:42 No more relegation – What 2024 looks like

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