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Top ranked Pro Pickleball player, Zane Navratil, joins Thomas and Tyson on the inaugural episode of the PicklePod to give an overview of the expanding Pickleball landscape from the eyes of a pro. Zane addresses how major rule changes in the sport may impact his Chainsaw serve and overall gameplay. New sponsors entering the sport, gambling, and more are making an impact on growth and players’ finances. Pickleball hall of fame controversy has arisen this week. Tyson makes a sponsorship offer for Zane to wear his twitter handle on his socks. Zane shares his experience with NFT curation. 

(06:40) Zane and Rob Cassidy’s heated back and forth over the Chainsaw serve at the Chicago Open

(11:20) Zane’s backup plan if the Chainsaw serve is outlawed

(15:00) The number of tournaments next year, the competing tours, the cost of playing pro and improving the professional product

(26:20) New sponsors investing in the sport, major pro signings and the trajectory of pickleball

(34:00) The pickleball hall of fames controversy

(36:45) Zane’s socks, our hair, and a live sponsorship negotiation

(39:10) Pickleball NFT’s

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