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Owner of the SoCal Hard Eights, Tim Parks, joins the PicklePod. Tim’s insights into MLP financials, sports betting, and building a sports league are shaping the way the game is played. Tim is willing to debate anyone on the merits of rally scoring and brings a unique take to the conventional wisdom of MLP draft strategy. Quite possibly the best episode yet.

Show Notes:

0:00 The ‘no-due diligence’ era

4:50 Always wanted to be a GM

8:30 The best podcast in pickleball

15:25 The billion-dollar businesses surrounding pickleball

22:10 Tim invests in The Dink

26:07 How MLP can build a moat

33:32 Let’s talk about gambling

42:32 Extranalities and the Paragon of Virtue

48:30 Tim’s first pro pickleball experience

56:33 The cold war between PPA and MLP

1:07:43 Dispelling the myths about rally scoring

1:17:04 The Monte Carlo simulation

1:21:34 Convince me to add the shot clock

1:24:23 Coach Anna Bright allowed on court

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